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Meeting your Obligations -

We help you meet your requirements by supporting or taking over some of the required roles. From ICT compliance support and internal dedicated compliance/MLRO functions, to providing you with expert individuals fulfilling the role of Compliance Officer and/or Data Protection Officer.

Compliance functions require a degree of independence from the business of an organisation and are expected to be carried out by non-client facing individuals. When identifying the ideal person for compliance functions is challenging, you can resort to outsourcing. We can provide fit and proper individuals for the Compliance Officer (CO) function, provide support to an internally appointed CO, provide support to an internally appointed MLRO, as well as provide a Data Protection Officer. We can also assist with periodic Data Protection and/or ICT Compliance audits.

Together with the client’s management or designated team, our team at Etika can design and build the regulatory framework to comply with the obligations that a regulated industry brings with it.

Outsourcing applies to organisations that would like to get authorisation for the services they render, in the process of obtaining the required regulated status or already regulated by the MFSA.  Unregulated organisations can benefit from compliance services which bring awareness of far-reaching obligations such as Data Protection and Cyber Security.

Along with our expert partners, our team of professionals is experienced in compliance across different industries, offering a holistic service to our clients.

Time and effort inputs are subject to the size, nature, and complexity of the business. Our involvement depends on the needs and requests of our client