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Regulatory Health Check

Make sure that your business processes are up to date. Your organisation is subject to an increasing number of regulations irrespective of its size and regulatory status. These include: GDPR, Anti-Money Laundering, Cyber Security, Labour Law, HSE and many others.

You can opt for a high-level review carried out together with the management against our updated checklists of the laws, regulations and guidelines in question. We also perform a walk-through of the main policies and procedures to ensure that the given requirements are being adequately addressed. At the end of the process, we issue a report highlighting any shortfalls within the company’s policies and procedures whilst suggesting remedial actions.

A regulatory health check may be applied to the wide spectrum of the regulatory environment or to specific segments such as Cyber Security.

While it can be a stand-alone exercise, regulatory health checks can be repeated periodically and/or when significant changes to the regulated environment occur. 

This process could apply to any organisation – both MFSA regulated and unregulated.

* Certain regulations under specific licence requirements might be excluded from this exercise. Please inquire with our team if such requirements apply.

This is a relatively fast way of understanding whether your organisation is up to date with the latest requirements and identify those areas where additional action is required. 

The effort depends on the size and complexity of the business process and whether the organisation is regulated or unregulated. ranging from a full day (most SMEs) to a week for the larger jobs.